nintendo switch cartridge can fit all of the nintendo 64 games
nintendo switch cartridge can fit all of the nintendo 64 games

A Nintendo Switch Cartridge fits Inside all of Nintendo 64 Games

The leap from generation to generation of consoles brings dramatic developments in various technological fields that affect gaming in multiple ways. But sometimes, in order to see how far technology has come, we have to take a look in the past. So one of the biggest steps in gaming is -without a doubt, the storage space. In the past, we used cards with minimal space, either to save our progress or to "run a game".

An interesting mathematical experiment was conducted by Reddit user "CorsairVI". After much research, he found that the maximum storage space of a Nintendo 64 cartridge is a total of 64MB. Assuming that the size of each game in the N64 came with 64MB, this practically means that with 388 unique games - that is, the entire library of the retro console - we have a total of 24.83GB.

This means that a 32GB Nintendo Switch card (cartridge) easily fits inside herself the entire Nintendo 64 library. Imagine that in the Nintendo hybrid console, you could have another ... console. Practically, you would have in your possession the entire library of that time. Unbelievable but true.

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