cloud gardens from cloud games an artistic post apocalyptic game

Cloud Gardens, an artistic Post-Apocalyptic Game!?!

Cloud Games was announced for Steam Early Access and its creator, Noio, describes it as "a relaxed game where you can use plants to cover dioramas of deserted industrial buildings".

The game takes place on small pieces of land on which the player should cover as much as possible with nature. However, in order to gain the energy to grow these plants, he must "decorate" the area with the broken civilisation pieces.

The result is a series of small beautiful pieces of urban decomposition. Below you can see the trailer.

For those who are not interested in the 'campaign' part of the game, there will be a whole sandbox mode without obligations and goals.

It will come to Early Access shortly and will remain for a few months to give Noio the opportunity to make changes based on player comments. Also many additions will come after full release.

In other news you can read about everything we learned through Nintendo Gigaleak.

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